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it has been a long time since i got a headrushy feeling, felt tingly, and started to black out. i am SO glad that it happened while i was in a huge crush of people right in front of the stage at a concert. feel foolish and cruddy.
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I tried to post on my PSP but it did not work. Too bad. Am at PAX this weekend. Should be at the Jonathan Coulton concert right now but am in bed at the hotel, alone. Had an awesome spot, like 1 person back from the barrier at the middle of the stage. Stood there through stupid FreezePop... feet hurt, knee hurts, hip hurts, but I can handle that... and then I start to feel dizzy... and feel a familiar rushing feeling and know that I'm going to pass out. And then promptly do something that I havn't done in a while... in about eight or nine years... my vision went completely black and I apparently started to go down, even though I -felt- like I was still vertical. Casey and a random guy helped me out (as Jared had turned around for a second and I promptly tipped over).

Apparently I can't do huge crowds + bright lights + loud music... ?

May be dehydrated... very possible, did drink four coolers before hand (am a lightweight) but was feeling almost 100% sober by then... eh.

I feel foolish. Jared came out to the outskirts and sat/stood next to me until it got to the point where I felt the same way and had to move even further out of the crowd. And then decided to head back. Even now I feel kind of spacey.

Spacey and foolish, as I ruined Jared's awesome spot for his favourite band to come nurse my blacky-outty ass.

Felt better outside and would like fresh air but the windows do not open on the 12th floor... and there was a homeless man arguing with some girls outside about how he knew they had five dollars. I would like to avoid this if at all possible.

AND the water is off in the hotel for the evening cause they're working on it or something... and this means that I can't brush my teefs.

And Gatorade is terrible. I am trying to nurse myself back to health with it and am finding it cloying and bleagh.
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I seriously fail at updates

I read Livejournal every day, sometimes multiple times per day, and yet I can't be bothered to update! Ah well, I've been busy, I guess. I'm officially a university graduate, I received my diploma in the mail last week... and it says 2007 on it, making it look like I finished the damn thing in four years like I was supposed to (rather than in 4.5.) I miss school a lot, but it's been really nice to have actual days off. For years, any day I didn't have class, I worked. If I had time off, I felt guilty if I wasn't working on projects or doing my readings or whatever needed to be finished. Now... it's blissful!

For the past few weeks I've been focusing on being healthier. I have tons of extra time, so I've been following a book diet, something I was never really able to do before. Now I can spend a half hour or an hour cooking dinner, and I have time to eat my lunch (and I don't have to pack food around campus.) It has been going pretty well so far, which is nice. I also bought myself an exercise bike from work, which finally arrived yesterday. It is awesome, but unfortunately is not assembling very well. I couldn't get some of the bolts to go in, and when my dad took a look at it he found that the threads in the holes were all messed up and covered with powedercoat, so he has to bring home a tap from his work to fix it for me.

I was all excited to start, too. It has speakers, and you can plug your ipod into it!

My job search has been sort of sidelined by the healthy-getting, plus I've been working almost full-time, which doesn't leave me very motivated! If anyone knows of a position avaliable for a history major who doesn't want to teach, let me know. I'm tired of working in retail.

Well I suppose I should head to bed, the problem with all this working nonsense has been that I have to get up early! Horrid mornings. :d

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I really have no motivation lately. My room is a disaster, again, only it's an extra special Christmas disaster, so in addition to clothes and papers lining the floor we also have the addition of countless plastic bags, rolls of wrapping paper, and gifts that I have received hanging around. Every time I come in my room I sort of look at it, sigh, and climb into bed to play tetris/read. It's really quite a problem.

I also need to get motivated to finish my applications for that job I want to get, and also my app for government internships in the heritage sector. Urrgh. It's just the last thing I feel like doing! Well, apart from work. Lord, do I ever hate work. It breaks my heart to go there, that's for sure. Tomorrow it is me, our semi-new guy from Romania who is awesome but has a wee bit of a problem with a language barrier, and our newest guy (but by far the most capable) who is nice but still not one of the experienced people.

Soo.. that will be a giant hassle, but my dad and I are going to go see 'I Am Legend' tomorrow night... it's got all my favourite things.. post apocalyptic, zombies, vampires, all awesomeness!!

I finished reading Wicked last night... I should've gone to bed earlier but I am a fool who likes to read. I quite enjoyed it, and am really glad Lindsay gave it to me for le Christmas.

Well, I must go to sleep, and I find that the interwebs are much too distracting to promote restfulness.

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I'm never getting dressed again

It has been so hectic lately, what with it being the "busy season" for retail recently or something. I am so glad I don't have to work tomorrow, though! This is my fourth Christmas at the Sears and it's the first time that I havn't had to work on Boxing Day. Hooray! I can sleep! I also have the 27th off as well.

I'm lucky I don't have to go to work, as my last normal bra totally crapped out on me on Christmas Eve. It was like it knew, I swear. Underwire broke clean in half. This is the second time that this has happened to me, and I still don't quite understand the physics of it. Apparently my boobs are a destructive force. Possibly, something like an avalanche or hurricane.

Christmas was good. We went over to my Oma and Opa's for Chinese food last night, and this morning opened presents with Dad. Then my mom came over with my Papa (her stepdad) and we drove out to Vancouver to visit my cousin, and then drove to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner. A little boring but overall a good day. Oh, and Dad and I watched Jackie Brown when I got home, because we are cool like that. We also watched the Simpsons Movie this morning, and Knocked Up last night.

Gifts were good... although I was expecting something big (there was a lot of suspicious activity transpiring around in the last few weeks) I was not quite expecting to get a laptop! It's a combination Christmas/Graduation present from my parents, my brother and two of my four sets of grandparents. (Yes, I have four sets. Seven living grandparents altogether.) I'm pretty excited about the thing, although getting it when I'm done school and the bulk of my typing is complete (or so I think, perhaps I will be a professional googler when I grow up?) is a little weird. I was all 'Yeah! I can read Jstor articles in bed instead of downstairs... oh wait.. I don't have to read Jstor articles anymore.'

Annyway, I am going to go to bed momentarily as it's pretty late, but I thought I would brag with a couple of pictures, because I'm a bitch like that.

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This is a song that I wrote about my cold nose

Please do not steal my cold nose song for any nefarious purposes. Come hang out with me and I may even sing it to you.

My nose is so cold
I don’t think it’s ever been colder
My nose is so-o cold
The winter must be gettin’ bolder

Ohh my nose.
It’s sooo cold.
Wooah-oh oh oh my nose
It’s so - o -o o cold.

I am so cold
It is truly unfortunate
I am so cold
I have my hood on
And I’m wrapped in a blanket

Ooh I’m cold
I even have my slippers on
Ohh and I’m still cold
I don’t think the winter will ever be gone.

Ooh I’m so cold.
I don’t think I’ll ever be warm again.
Ohh my nose is so cold
It’s gonna fall off and I’ll have no friends.

Oh my heck is it ever freezing in here!
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Things I Want
(For Christmas)
(or whenever, you know.)

Stephen Colbert's I am America (and So Can You)
A new black hoodie
A brown hoodie (dark brown, not tan or anything)
A new coat, or else a new button for my current coat.
Mittens/scarf that don't pill and leave fuzzies on my coat.
I want the Sims2 Seasons but I'm afraid of the spyware or whatever that it has.
Laptop, pink, preferably. (I don't think I'll get this, not by a long shot, but I do want one.)
A job in my field. (This would be #1)
Pepper to get better. We went to the vet today, and his kidneys are worse, but not SUPER worse, because he's not going to get better. Thanks, vet. I knew that. You didn't have to rub it in while I paid you for the priviledge.
Zombie/Dystopian/Apocalyptic books
Bare Minerals makeup! Off the infomercial!
A hobby. I could really use a hobby.

Okay, well, Pep is pretty insistent that it is time for bed, and I do have class at 830am so I should probably go get my sleep on. :)

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What a way to waste an evening

Today my mom gave me a tupperware container full of old coins and one German 50 mark bill and told me to figure out how much they were worth. Apparently, I have nothing better to do with my time, and as I did just that, apparently she's right. Of course, I probably have around ten bucks of coins here, wait, I counted... I have $18.50, not including the four Chinese coins I couldn't figure out. Best coin? 25 cent Dutch coin from 1912, worth two dollars. Most interesting? The British penny and halfpenny from 1898 and 1899 with Queen Victoria on them are pretty neat, the square 1 cent from the "Straits Settlements" (Apparently Malaysia?) and the 1/2 pice from British India are also cool. The 25 para coin from Yugoslavia circa 1938 is neat because I <3 Yugoslavia even if Tito wasn't in power yet... and the Soviet coin from 1933 with the guy holding a hammer was the hardest to identify. (Also, guy with hammer!)

All in all, I didn't do any homework tonight but I made twenty bucks which I will probably never cash in. Also, my Papa had a surprising number of coins from the Third Reich. I guess he was doing more than firing artillery during the Second World War (he must have forgotten to tell me about all the Germans he pickpocketed.) :D

Also, the bill was from a lot printed in Vienna (German- Wiens) so is also called a WIENER bill. Snerk.

An evening spent, if not necessarily well.

Oh, and we went for dinner at the Keg. Mmmrmrmrmrm.

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Man I love wasting time.

Do this because you're procrastinating. That's what I did.

So here's how it works:
1. Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool

Opening Credits:
"Nightingale" -Norah Jones
Waking Up:
"Madonna vs. Bonnie Tyler, Like a Prayer/Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Remix
First Day at School:
"I'm Gonna File My Claim" -Marilyn Monroe
Falling In Love:
"Paper Planes" -MIA
Losing Virginity:
"Come Around" - MIA Featuring Timbaland
Fight Song:
"She Said She Said" -The Beatles
Breaking Up:
"$20" - MIA
"Zombies Ate Her Brain" -The Creepshow
"Brian Wilson" -Barenaked Ladies
Mental Breakdown:
"Lets Build A Home" -The White Stripes
"Love Today" -Mika
"Enid" -Barenaked Ladies
Getting Back Together:
"Shine" -Ella Fitzgerald
"Shoot the Moon" -Norah Jones
Birth of Child:
"What's Left of the Flag" -Flogging Molly
Final Battle:
"Rebels of the Sacred Heart" -Floggging Molly
Death Scene:
"Baby Won't You Please Come Home" -Ella Fitzgerald
Funeral Song:
"Let's Get Retarded" - Black Eyed Peas (HAH)
End Credits:
"When Love Goes Wrong" -Marilyn Monroe

I admit that I eliminated songs that I don't actually like/didn't download (some songs were sent to me by other people/were on mix cds that I ripped for other songs.)